Friday, January 14, 2011

"You make me sick, I want you and I'm hatin' it."

I don't get to see my mom very often (she works 3rd shift and sleeps all day) so I like to go grocery shopping with her every week, partaking in a little mother/daughter bonding time. I was especially excited to go today because, instead of going to Walmart like she usually does, she went to our local grocery store. Our local grocery store has the BEST fresh doughnuts.

When we got back from shopping, I found the doughnut, poured myself a short glass (I'm lactose intolerant) of milk, and got down to business. I know what you're thinking... "Why are you drinking milk if you're lactose intolerant??" I absolutely can not eat something sweet without having milk to wash it down, even if it's just something like a candy bar. It's a trait I've inherited from my dad. Plus, I'm just fond of dairy products, in general. As long as I consume it in moderation, I'm usually ok. Maybe a small amount of discomfort, but usually ok. Today, on the other hand, made me want to die.

As a result, my entire day was ruined. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but I've certainly had better days. I finished my glass of death and decided to go back to bed until it was time to get up for work. I assumed that I would have gotten plenty of sleep and would wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Again. Instead, I slept miserably and woke up feeling even more exhausted than I did in the first place. Exhaustion = Grumpy McAngry Pants = bad night at work. Everyone and everything got on my nerves, leaving me in a state similar to this...
I'm pulling my hair out, just in case you thought that might be a set of mini pigtails.  I also tried to be a little more true to my (lack of) skin pigment with this picture. It's still a bit too dark.
Luckily, I came home to my sister inviting me to accompany her tomorrow while she gets her second tattoo. I'm pretty stoked about it. If I can't afford another of my own, I might as well live vicariously though her. And we always have an awesome time on our outings, you know, since we're twinners separated at birth and everything.

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Day 12 - A song from a band you hate:

This is pretty hard for me since there isn't much that I hate when it comes to music. There are some bands that I don't love, but I can tolerate most.  There is one band, though, that makes me want to vomit every time I hear them. Steely Dan. I EFFING HATE STEELY DAN. My dad adores Steely Dan and constantly listens to them, as my disgust grows with each passing second. As hard as this is for me to admit, they do have one song that I don't mind, but it's slightly easier to come to terms with because for years I thought it was Santana. So here it is. Enjoy. Or don't. Trust me, I won't be heartbroken.


  1. I really can't stand Steely Dan, either! Not only are they named after a creepy sex toy, but they also beat out Eminem for an Album of the Year Grammy and I've been pissed at them since. Have fun with your sister-- I wish I could afford to fill in my tatt, too!

  2. The "milk is the devil" tattoo made me giggle. I have a friend who is lactose intolerant but doesn't let that stop her either. I never get why you would risk it buuuut then again, I've never had to give it up. :)

    That doughnut look yummy! Also, it's almost lunch time...


  3. Awwww... I can only imagine how irritating it must be, seriously... And hey, anything about tattoo's and I am stoked instantly too :)