Monday, January 10, 2011

"Love is here, and oh my darling, now you're gone."

What my week has consisted of...


...and throw a day or two of work in the mix. I'm not sure why, but I haven't felt like blogging much lately. Maybe it's the fact that I'm so consumed with other social media outlets that I'm bled dry by the time I make my way over here. I don't know. Whatever it is, I don't like it. I'll tell you what I do like, though, and that is blogs with cartoons/doodles/comics/drawings, etc. I was talking to Kaylee earlier this week about my (lack of) drawing skills and she ensured me that with time and practice I will indeed  become the best artist in America  go from a 3rd grade drawing level to a 4th (MAYBE EVEN 5TH!) grade level. I think she's a liar (not a mean liar, but one who lies to make others feel better about themselves), but expect to see more doodles around these parts in the future. I suck and I know it, but I have fun doing it, and hopefully you'll have fun making fun of my "work".

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Day 11 - A song from your favorite band:

I fell in love with Florence + the Machine a little over a year ago and she very quickly became my new favorite, a title long held by Fiona Apple. It makes me sad to bump Fiona to second place, but it's a close second so she shouldn't be so offended. Anyway, it's WAY too hard for me to pick a favorite Flo song so I'll leave you with my top three and let you decide. If I could only ever listen to three songs again for the rest of my life, it'd most likely be these three. You can't just listen, you have to feel/experience them. So, so, so, so good. 



    Also, I think your rendition of me is AMAZING and I very much like that you included the wavy hair and blue eyes.

    And (this is completely honest, I swear) your drawings are so much better than mine were when I first started. I did stick figures. And bad stick figures. So you already have a one up on me!

  2. Ok, I have a confession. I used to draw a lot of paint pictures for people in high school. I would draw pictures to make fun of them, because I'm SUCH a nice person. :)

  3. All of the little updates at the top made me giggle, but especially the Matisyahu one. Hahahahahaha. Ha.

    I think I've said this before, but for real, for real, I think I'm gonna steal the music challenge for my music blog. It's so lonely and neglected.

    I love Florence. Drumming might be my favorite. I'm really bad at picking just one too, but I think Drumming might be it. :)


  4. Cosmic Love was initially my favorite but I'm pretty sure Drumming Song is it now. Those three are all amazing, though.

    And you should totally do the challenge!