Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"They could never find our secret hiding spot where we play all day."

I was all set to write this big complaint post about a coworker who always whines about having no money, yet she smokes pot 24/7, uses her EBT card to buy energy drinks, and has about 87 pets. I ended up finding a much better topic, but I thought I'd still make you this awesome collage to further paint the picture of what a piece of crap this girl really is.

This is obviously not the coworker, just in case anyone thinks that I work with Paris Hilton.

Moving on. The sister and I were watching some TV show a little while ago that featured a house with a secret passageway.

Jessie: I always wanted a house with a secret passageway.
Me: Who didn't?
Jessie: Uh... I still want a house with a secret passageway.
Me: Who doesn't?

And honestly, who doesn't? I posed the question on Tumblr and received a link to the coolest website in the history of websites.  My gosh, if I had the money I would equip my hypothetical house with so many of those bad boys. I think part of the appeal of secret passageways is that they make us feel like a kid again. (That, and if anyone ever broke into our home, we'd have the ultimate hiding/not dying spot.) Just thinking about it makes me all giddy. Imagine all of the fun you could have and the massive pranks you could play! I would make it my mission to scare the crap out of someone at least once daily.

So what are some other things that get you feeling nostalgic? Forts, wanting to spend an unsupervised night in a department store, enduring the fierce burn of a Big Red wrapper stuck to your forehead...

Click here to see the entire list.

Day 14 - A song that no one would expect you to love:

I asked my mom about this one because I honestly don't think anyone would not expect me to like a certain band or genre of music. I swear, even if it's something I'd normally hate, there's more than likely at least one song I can find that I like. She, for some reason, can not believe that I like Disturbed. I like rock, there's no excessive growling or screaming (which I generally detest (unless it's used tastefully, aka sparingly)), the lead singer doesn't suck... I don't know. Anyway, I've loved Disturbed since high school and will most likely continue to love Disturbed as long as they keep coming out with awesome music. Here is the song that jump-started my adoration:


  1. With a secret passageway you could also put a painting of something that you could cut the eye holes out of so that when you have parties you can look through the wall and find out what your friends say about you behind your back.

  2. Going to fun-n-fair's gets me so nostalgic! When I was a kid, I used to think that my secret passageway was under the blanket or sometimes under the bed. I used to play house, all alone.. Ah Nostalgia!!!

  3. Btw the pic collage of your co-worker is EPIC! rofl

  4. I'd also equip that house with a trap door that leads you to a marsh full of marshmallows.

    And schematics. Lots of those.

  5. @Lauren I laughed SO hard about the eye hole thing!! Probably because I can honestly picture myself doing it. :)

    @Apfel I used to think maybe there was some secret passageway under my bed because of the movie Little Monsters. And thanks for liking my collage. :)

    @Kaylee One of the things on the site was a trap door in the seat of your recliner that lead to a big swirly slide. I'm pretty sure you could make the slide lead to a pit of marshmallows and I'd be in heaven. :) OHMYGOSH, that just reminded me of The Addams Family movie when Gomez and Fester have to do all of that crazy stuff that opens up the slide that leads to their secret room! Man, I loved that movie.