Saturday, November 27, 2010

"The waiting is the hardest part."

This year for Black Friday, instead of just doing some major shopping/butt-kicking, my sister and I camped out on the cold concrete floor of Walmart. Seven hours for a $198 dollar laptop. Seven. Oh do I hope it was worth it. (We can't have them until Christmas, naturally.) During my stay I learned a few things, so I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

1) I could NEVER survive in jail. Seven hours with nothing to do was torturous enough, particularly on my butt and hips. Several years with nothing to do would surely make my brain explode.

2) When spending large amounts of time with little to do, make sure you bring several things to keep you sufficiently occupied. Seven hours of your mp3 player on shuffle will. not. cut it.
3) People will fart ANYWHERE. Once is excusable, accidents happen. Eight to ten times is just ridiculous. Have a little compassion on the poor souls who are stuck within inches of you.
4) Don't have dreams, they will inevitably be crushed. My sister and I decided that we should design our own line of Black Friday t-shirts with funny sayings on them. Later we saw some women with shirts that read "Team Black Friday. Shop till you drop (or get trampled)." Funny, but heartbreaking. They had stolen our idea.
5) Little sisters aren't nearly as obnoxious when you are both facing the same hardships.
6) Gummy bears come in 3 pound bags. If necessary, that bag can be used as a pillow.

I doctored this photo, but a 3 lb bag of gummy bears was truly used as a pillow during the night.
7) A Slim Jim, some Gardetto's, a 5 Hour Energy Shot to drink, and Tums for desert is not an acceptable meal.
8) People are crazy. I mean, this is something that I've known for quite a while, but I don't think that I understood the severity of the craziness until last night.
9) Sixteen year old girls giggle. A lot. Very loudly, sometimes. It's embarrassing.
10) And lastly, my mom is awesome. She drove 25 minutes is the sleet and hurricane-like winds to drop my sister and me off at Walmart. She then proceeded to do some crazy person shopping, drive back home, do two loads of laundry, put dishes away, drive back to Walmart, do some more crazy person shopping, take my sisters and me out to breakfast, come home, go to bed for a bit, and then get up and go to work for 8.5 hours.

My mom's got it goin' on!

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Day 5 - A song that reminds you of someone:

My grandma passed away in February of 2009, while spending her last few days at an amazing hospice facility. They provided a basket of CDs for my grandma to listen to, but it ended up being where my family sought solace during the extremely hard time. Throughout her last 48 hours, we listened to an Alan Jackson CD that consisted of nothing but hymns. No one in my family is particularly fond of Country music, but it was basically the only bearable Christian selection in the "Basket O' CDs". The song that happened to be playing while she passed was I'll Fly Away. For several days after her death I heard that exact version of the song EVERYWHERE, and it will forever remind me of her.

This isn't the exact version (the other was much slower) but it's the closest I could find.


  1. You are considerably more dedicated to the Black Friday situation than I am. Boyfriend and I scoped WalMart out at 8pm. He was there at 5am for a PS3. I didn't make an appearance until normal daylight hours.

    There is nothing that I need that badly. Except a laptop. I was tempted. But not that tempted!

  2. I don't think that I would ever go that far again, unless it was something that I desperately wanted/needed. At least I'd know what to do and what not to do, though.

  3. I admire your dedication. I did Black Friday last year at this giant mall we have near us that was opening at midnight? NEVER. EVER. AGAIN.

    There is nothing I need that bad.

    People suck. :)


  4. Oh, people most definitely suck. I swear I`m some sort if weirdo magnet. The chick that was next to us (the suspected fart culprit) kept trying to talk to us like she wanted to be our new BFF or something. She also kept going on about how she works at that Walmart, like it`s cool or something. I worked at that Walmart for 5 years. It`s not cool.

  5. Not only is your mom awesome for doing all that, you're awesome for camping out at Walmart. Wow!

  6. Thanks. I like to think I'm pretty awesome. :)