Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Just as easy as ABC, that's how you make it right."

I have lost most of my desire to write, and I'm not exactly sure why. Not that I'm a "writer" anyway, so I'm not too concerned about it. I did see this meme on Angie's blog, though, and I thought it'd be fun to do. It requires little to no thought, and maybe it'll get me back in the groove. Or not. Maybe it'll just take up some time while I'm hiding out from the man installing our windows.

So, without further ado, the ABC meme!

A - Age: 25. Meh.

B - Bed size:
Full. I actually inherited this bed after my grandma passed away. I had been sleeping on a crappy futon for years and it was really messing with my already messed up hips. Thankfully, no one was opposed to me taking this bed.

C - Chore you hate: Outside - mowing the lawn. Inside - laundry. I know this is awful, but I'm one of those people who just doesn't do something if I don't find any enjoyment in it. I seriously wait until I'm completely out of clean underwear before I do laundry. And even then, I just pick through for necessities and do a load or two. I have a mountain of laundry in my room that never goes away.

D - Dogs: I love dogs. I love all animals, actually, but you just can't go wrong with a dog. (Cats will always be my number one love, though. Don't think I've switched teams.) After our dog Barney died, we weren't allowed to get another one. Mom says she can't deal with the hurt of losing another one. I think that's lame, but whatever. It's not my house.

RIP Barn-dog. (Please disregard those disgusting roots. I was young and didn't know any better.)

E - Essential start to your day: Waking up.

F - Favorite Color: Yellow. :)

G - Gold or Silver: Silver! I hate gold.

H - Height: 5'4". My mom is 5'10" and my dad is 6'1". Please tell me how this is fair.

I - Instruments you play: I used to rock the crap out of my clarinet, and I can play a few chords on the guitar and piano.

J - Job title: Cashier/Cook. Ugh. And I deal with stupid/rude customers. I love my job, if you couldn't tell.

K - Kids: NONE! I always used to want them, and then I watched my cousin's kids while she was away on a missions trip. I essentially became the new mother, and that was enough to turn me off of the idea. I couldn't handle the monotony of it all. Sometimes I still think I want them, and I wouldn't be outraged if I did. I guess I'm leaving it up to God and my husband.

L - Live: Michigan. Show me your hand and I'll show you where I live.

M - My mom's name: Monica, but she goes by Mickie.

N - Nickname: Stace, and my dad and uncle call me Stacky. Sometimes my mom calls me Stacey B, but that's not really a nickname I suppose. I used to really hate it when people called me Stace. Now it only bugs me if I dislike the person, or if I feel it's too early in the friendship to be doling out nicknames. But sometimes I think it's cute when someone feels close enough to give me a nickname. I don't know, I'm fickle. Chances are, anyone reading this I wouldn't mind calling me Stace.

O - Overnight hospital stay: Once when I was seven. I don't remember what was wrong, something with my stomach, but it was ridiculous. There weren't any rooms open so they had to shove me in the supply room where they kept all of the extra gurneys and random equipment. They also put too much medication in my IV for my little body to handle, so I spent half of the night crying because the stuff was basically burning my insides. This hospital is notorious for being the crappiest place around. No one likes to go there, even for anything minor.

P - Pet Peeve: Oh goodness, where do I begin? Loud chewing noises, rude people, when people sing along to songs they don't know, when people get unnecessarily mad over something, when people can't just forget things and move on (I get over things SUPER easily, probably too easily sometimes)... I could go on forever.

Q - Quote from a movie from a book: "You're not unlovable, child. There's love all around you." -The Secret Life of Bees

R- Right/Lefty: Righty. Both of my parents are rightys and both of my sisters and leftys. They're the only ones in the whole family. It's weird.

S - Siblings: Two younger sisters. Jessie - 21 Melissa - 17

Contrary to what the picture states, this was in 1994. I was such an attractive little boy.

T - Time you wake up: Late. I don't ever sleep until super late at night (technically morning), so I always wake up late in the day. It's always random, though.

U - Underwear: Straight up, plain ol' cotton underwear. I'm all about comfort, and who do I have to impress, anyway?

V - Veggies you dislike: Cooked carrots (they taste like blood), beets, and radishes. Oh, and avocados.

W - What makes you run late: Gosh, practically anything. I hate it, too. I used to ALWAYS be 10-15 minutes early for things. Then I went to college and discovered sleeping in until the last possible second. It was a horrible habit to learn and now I can't shake it. I'm never super late, but always by a few minutes. Ugh, I'm pretty disgusted by it, but it seems like no matter what I do, I can't make it anywhere on time.

X - Xrays you've had: On my teeth when I had braces and before I got my wisdom teeth removed, and a few after a car accident I got into. (Yes, it was my fault. No, I don't really want to talk about it right now. Maybe some other time.)

Y - Yummy food you make: Spaghetti, extra special mashed potatoes. this other thing that I don't have a name for, and anything with eggs. I'm obsessed with eggs.

Z - Zoo animal: Big cats, but tigers especially. And monkeys. And penguins. And birds. And horses. And reptiles. And polar bears, Oh my gosh, I love the zoo!

I could stay in that tunnel and look at his cute little butt all day!


  1. Def stealing this. If you posted it yesterday, I could have done it for today's post. Now it has to wait until at least next week. Tsk.

  2. "Pet Peeve - Oh goodness, where do I begin."

    Also, I will never understand not liking avocados.

  3. You forgot about Nuts!!Walnuts - your fav ;)

    Ah nice to see your update on here :D <3

    Love you

  4. This is neat! I used to play the clarinet, too.

    And I love the zoo!

  5. I totally sing along to songs I don't know. You would probably kill me in the car, because that's when I do it the most.

    I like the nickname Stacey B. I would probably call you that if we ever got to meet in person.

  6. @Lauren Break the rules for once! And don't try to blame this on me. :)

    @Nicole Ugh, I hate them. When I go out for Mexican, I always get extra sour cream instead of the guacamole.

    @Apfel Nuts aren't veggies!! I do hate walnuts and pecans, though. :) Love you too. ♥

    @Angie Come visit me and we can go to the Detroit Zoo together! :)

    @Sara I might excuse it, just because you're awesome. :) And I think you mean when we meet in person. You know, when I take that roadtrip with Lor...

  7. first of all. we have lots in common here.

    except i don't really like dogs. except bulldogs, but i hear they are smelly.

    oh, but you live in MICHIGAN? i used to always go there for vaca... was thinking about it for my honeymoon and needed some ideas on cool spots? any suggestions? there's a million different harbors

  8. Yay for being anti-guacamole buddies. Nicole and Shelly have both chastised me for my lack of guacamole love.

  9. I'm glad you like the color yellow, because guess what! I'm handing over to you the Yellow Versatile Blogger Award. It would just make my day/night all the more better to know that you accepted it. But, no pressure, or anything...

    Anyways, my mom's 5'4" and my dad's 6'1". I'm 5'. Please, oh please, tell me how THIS is fair. :P

    ...and I'm "allergic" to ALL veggies. No questions asked.