Friday, February 11, 2011

"Please don't make me cry."

I have been nothing but a big ball of emotions lately. I'm sure some of it can be attributed to PMS, but it's more than the average hormonal imbalance. A few people reading this can probably testify to that. I've professed my love for more people in the past few days than I probably have in the past few months, I cried because I was heart broken for someone else, I cried because I saw something cheesy on TV, (I should interject and say that it doesn't take much to make me cry in general, but it has been ridiculous lately.) I've gotten uber warm fuzzies over cute animal pictures on Tumblr like this, this and this... Basically, I've been out of control.

Oh, I also literally spent HOURS the other night trying to make a gif of Lor eating a Koala Yummy. Nothing was working and it was late in the night, so I kind of gave up and went to bed. The next day I took what I made on Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to YouTube, that way she could at least see how it would look if the gif worked. Then, a moment of genius. I took that video and uploaded it to GifSoup, and VOILA! A gif! I was so excited that I gasped, my heart was racing. and I had a gigantic cheesy grin consuming my entire face. (See, it's not all sad emotions!) My hours of hard work had finally payed off!

Sheer awesomeness.

Then my mom decides to pull some crap tonight and tell me this story:

She and my dad (and baby me) had a cat, Nicky, when they lived in Oklahoma. The cat ended up dying right before they moved back to Michigan. The day they moved our dog Butch went missing, but my dad eventually found him in the back yard where they had buried the cat, crying.

I jokingly over-exaggerated my cries and we all laughed, but I actually had real tears in my eyes. That was one of the sweetest stories ever. He was such a good dog.

So, is this just me, or has anyone else been overly emotional lately?

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Day 20 – A song that you listen to when you’re angry:
Finally, a question a have a definite answer for!

I adore the band Trapt. Great music, great lyrics, and Chris Brown (what an unfortunate name) has such a sexy voice! Their song, Hollowman, is the PERFECT song to belt out when you really feel like injuring someone. I couldn't begin to count how many times I have driven around, song blaring, aggressively singing my little heart out. So therapeutic! ☺

"I don't ever want to see, I don't ever want to be like you, Hollowman."


  1. You knew I would be here didn't you!!!

    I have been overly emotional lately too (you know it). Maybe because I never cried until recently, and now I cry on every little thing that upsets me. I actually cried while I was half asleep and my maid came over to tell me that her sister had a miscarriage. I can be emotional to the extent of being lame too, like I actually cried for my ex bf's ex gf while he was cheating on her, with me.

    And of course, I would probably be one of the first people who cried in public on a club song by Usher.

    I loved the song!!
    Lots of free hugs! Love the new look ♥

  2. Hey!! I decided to add some more after you commented. (I do that almost every time I publish a post. "Oh wait! I forgot about something!" Lol)

    Glad I'm not the only one. The miscarriage story probably would have made me cry, too.

    Keep crying, love. It's free therapy! ♥

  3. OMG the gif for Lor is precious!! And er original vlog was really awesome too.. I love her vlogs! Heyyyy Lor :) *waves hands incessantly* if you're reading this! :P

    Yeahh! Crying is much better than keeping it all bottled up inside making you only number and then oblivious to everyone around you. We are pretty awesome, because we have the ability to cry! ♥

  4. I cry so easily when I'm stressed out or if I'm in a stressful situation. I was actually crying just yesterday because I've been stressed over something kinda stupid (but somewhat justified) and then my attempt to make it better failed and I burst into tears. But then I felt kinda good afterwards after I reasoned with myself.
    this post from someone I follow is the only thing keeping me together this week:

  5. You were sad because I told you not to get that Cotton Eyed Joe ringtone, weren't you?? ;)

    *big hugs*

  6. Totally on board with the over emotional thing happening. I told V the other day that I could just feel the tears welling up and that someone was going to push me and not even know it.

    I think it's a February thing.

    LOVE the new design, it's so cute and friendly that it looks BAD ASS.

  7. I use "GIF fun" for gif making. Here's a link to the page where you can download it:
    It's free and easy and awesome.

    And I'm overly emotional all the time. So I feel you, for sure.

  8. Thank you. Thank you. And... thank you. I've been the biggest bitch the last 2 days (some say years - it's all relative) and really needed something awesomely and appropriately aggressive.

  9. hahahaha no I wish that was it... lets just say that sometimes boys don't realize the effect things they do can have.

  10. @Kaylee I think you're just sad because we haven't had our Love Fest yet. I FINALLY got my W2 yesterday so I'll be doing my taxes very soon. Taxes = $$ = LOVE FEST! ♥♥♥

    @Amber I wouldn't let me download it. :( I guess I'll just have to stick with GifSoup for now.

    @herestheproblem I'm not sure how I should address you... Which one are you?! :)
    Anyway, glad you like the song. It's such gratifying song to get your aggression out with.

  11. I haven't been overly emotion lately. But I do get that way, and when I out! No one is safe.

  12. I've been wildly overemotional (like, last week I learned why people reference crying in the bathroom at work) but I think slash pray it's due to hormonal shifts due to my "special time"...

  13. Okay...I'll admit this to you. The other day, I was playing oboe in a practice room and the lights shut off and I started crying because not even the practice room knew I existed. It was a rough week =p


  14. @Shelly Remind me to steer clear when you're in a bad mood. :)

    @Leilani I know exactly what you mean about the work crying, but I used to do it in the back storage room. Then I quit my job. Best/worst decision I've ever made.

    @Whitney I should re-teach myself to play my clarinet and we can have wicked jam sessions! ;{)

  15. Awww...that dog and cat story is cute.

  16. Apparently I'm the last person to read this and there is me! Eating a yummy!

    I was so happy when I saw this. Seriously. I mean, maybe it's weird to get so happy over a me gif, but there is also a Koala Yummy in it which makes me really, really happy.

    Thanks for being you Stacey, all those ca-razy emotions and all. ;)


  17. Aww, Lor! You make my heart happy. :) Oh, also... IWAN!

  18. I've been crying a lot lately at stupid babies with their stupid dads. Goddamn ovaries.

    Oh, and Lorraine looks hawt in that GIF. You're amazing.

  19. Just curl up with your Snuggie and everything will be ok. :)

    That stupid gif was so hard to make. I couldn't just upload the video to gifsoup like any other video (I'm assuming because it's private) so I had to pause it and take screen shots, and eventually put them together on Windows Movie Maker and go through a bunch of crap. That video got uploaded to YouTube and then I could FINALLY use that particular one to make the gif. Ugh. It was so worth it, though. :)

  20. oh gosh, this is so me. I always go through phases where I want to cry at every happy/sad/heart warming/semi-exciting thing that I see. Actually, I think that is the norm for me & my phases are the rare times when this doesn't happen. So..I think you're normal!!

    Also, that story is so sweet!!

  21. See?! I told you we're the same person! ;)

  22. All Imma say is, I'm glad you appreciate the Koala cracker. That was my #1 childhood snack